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Sean Lydon: I’ve been working in new business sales for many years. Originally media/advertising but mostly selling technology/professional services related solutions.


Demonstrating value

If you’re trading at all it should follow that you can demonstrate value, exhibit some degree of competence in your field. Translating that competence/value into a winning business proposition however is a different matter.

Selling means structuring what you say to impel a buying decision. Engaging with people in a sales context means engaging with them in terms of the factors that will determine that buying decision.

But these factors are by no means predetermined. That’s why a relatively small number of sales people consistently outperform their peers, other factors being equal: they’re selling not telling.


Opening/Closing (reciprocity)

Selling is largely a matter of being open in one’s intent, e.g. not hiding behind PowerPoint presentations or hoping the demonstration of value will do the work for you, allied with reciprocity.

More a matter of tone and timing than the words themselves. Else we could just issue people with scripts and suitably titled business cards.

My mission as sellingnottelling is to work that out concretely in terms of your value proposition into a viable, i.e. learnable and repeatable sales methodology.


But a sales methodology is only half of the equation without effective management and reporting processes to monitor and reinforce its consistent application.

Of course there is no management or reporting procedure that can guarantee sales. But there are methods to mitigate the risk of failure and greatly increase the odds of success.


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